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Good News?

2009-06-23 18:58:28 by Naroghin

So while I was messing around with sound sets I stumbled upon a set of sounds that came with Sibelius. It is a set of drumline sounds from tapspace. This is great news because before this I had no way of recording my cadences and drumline features to audio without using crappy midi sounds that sound absolutely nothing like tenors, snares, basses, or cymbals. In short, I can now release a bunch of quality drumline CD's and put a bunch of drumline songs on here as well. This is great because drumline music is selling like hot cakes right now, and while it is a "band" thing, it sounds awesome and is widely recognized by everyone as a legitimately awesome genre.

That said, I have no idea how to make these sounds play with the instruments that I am using. When I create instruments to play in Sibelius, it calls up automatic default sound sets to play from. it also calls up default sound sets to choose from, but none of the sound sets I want to use are on the lists of things I can choose. I know it is possible to apply these new found sound sets to these instruments, but it is going to take a bit of digging, troubleshooting , and programming. It should take a bit of work but I know that I can do it with no money spent, and once it happens I will have a whole new world of possibilities in terms of music I can get off the page and onto a CD.

Hopefully this stack of weird technical difficulties doesn't get any larger...


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