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2009-06-23 19:48:38 by Naroghin

My band's lead singer/screamer/lyricist just quit. Our last concert together is July 26.

Needless to say we're looking for new members to join, but it's going to be hard considering the fact that our lead singer was really three people in one. We could disperse the jobs between the other members, but that would take lots of extra work (our music is pretty intense) and with all members having separate careers and schedules we don't have time to pick up extra duties. What makes this even harder is that our sound is a bit unconventional and we don't really have any quality recordings of our music. What we really need is someone who would be willing to really work on building quality music in their spare time.

So we're looking for a new front man. We need someone who can sing, scream (at multiple pitches), learn music, and write lyrics, and who has time to practice and write songs at least once a week, playing shows whenever possible (usually on weekends). We are looking for anyone that lives in the Jackson area of Michigan, or anyone who lives between Leslie and Livonia, preferably with their own equipment and means of travel.

If by some random chance someone reads this and is interested, pm me to ask about details.


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