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Update Monday July 6th, 2009

2009-07-06 20:34:22 by Naroghin

I find that things are going quite swimmingly. It is a slow and steady swim, but things are moving smoothly as intended, so here are some official CD updates.

CD I: 10 Contemplations for String Orchestra. I have 9 songs lined up for this so far. 2 of them are completed start to finish, but still have small aesthetic bugs to be worked out. 1 of them is technically finished but is being arranged from an earlier, less elegant version. The other 6 are about half done, excluding one based on a twelve-tone matrix that I might scrap later.

CD II: 10 Contemplations for Recorder Choir. I only have 3 or 4 songs lined up for this so far, but they are all songs being arranged form earlier versions, so there is just a lot of grunt work to do there.

CD III: Challenging Piano Solos. I have 5 songs lined up for this cd so far. 2 of them are actually one twelve minute solo that I am expanding and splitting, so performers can have the option of playing one or both of the pieces. 1 new solo was completed just recently and there is another that I have just finished arranging from an earlier version. The last song I am working on is taking quite some time and might turn into another two-parter. I might try and write a sonata for this later, but I'll have to see.

That's all for specific CD Project updates, but there are still some non specific ones to address. First of all, I have figured out how I want to organize the Etudes for snare, marimba, and timpani that I'll be writing. I think I will be writing 6 etudes each, 3 intermediate difficulty and 3 advanced difficulty. Second of all is that i have added a new project. I have a collection of kind of weird/not so well written songs form when I first started out composing. I will be arranging and adapting these songs to a symphony format, and hopefully, once I'm done with it, I'll have a five-movement symphony around an hour long. This will take lots of work, but it's another thing with which to occupy my time. The final non specific cd project update is that I have simply made more progress on more of the songs i each progress, and am steadily reaching my goals. yay.

Final thing to address! I'm still working on the technical issues regarding sound sets and sound editing of my music. Once I make breakthroughs in this, the way will be paved for me to start churning out cds once I finish some of the projects. Once that happens I'll be uploading as much on here as I possibly cane. I only hope that newgrounds takes to my music well. I don't think I will fit in with the trance loops, techno blasts, and "beats" that normally get high ranks here. Oh well.


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