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Update Friday August 14, 2009 (writer's block is a difficult foe)

2009-08-14 09:27:55 by Naroghin

I suppose I should do an official update since I said I would a little while ago. Let's get right to it, shall we?

CD I: Ten Contemplations for String Orchestra. I now have a full set of 10 pieces lined up for this CD: however, I am finding it exceedingly difficult to complete them. I know where they are coming from, and I know where they are going, but I can't seem to get them there. I'm having sort of a writer's block issue, I suppose. I hope that fixes itself soon. I've been listening to music lately to et my mind off of things and open it up, but I haven't seen any results yet.

CD II: Ten Contemplations for Recorder Choir. I now have 4 pieces lined up for this CD, 2 of which are older pieces that still need to be arranged and tweaked, 1 of which is complete, and the other is near completion. I also need to buckle down and write some pieces truly for recorder choir. Most of the 4 so far are for a full scale recorder assault, so I might write some trios, quartets, or quintets soon.

CD III: Collection of Challenging Piano Solos. I've decided to split the solos into two categories based on form and style. The first category will be called "Three Hand Rhapsodies." This will be for pieces that change shape often and are difficult in more ways than just speed. There are 4 lined up for this so far, though 2 of them are just two movements of the same song. The next category is for songs that are a bit slower and are more experimental in sound. They have a bit of an impressionistic flavor but are still rather difficult. I have 3 lined up for this category, 1 of which is actually completed.

As another point of update, as I mentioned before, writer's block is giving me a rather staunch trouncing. If anyone has any tips, pointers, or otherwise random home remedies for writer's block, I'd be glad to hear them.


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