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Blessing or Curse?

2009-06-23 02:53:20 by Naroghin

One of the biggest problems I have been facing with getting my music recorded is that I simply do not have the money to pay studio musicians or producers to get the sound I need. In fact the price would be ridiculous, and the sales income would in no way cover any of it.

However, I used to have a sound set with my 3.1 version of Sibelius that emulated real sounds and could give me pretty convincing recordings. If I tweaked with a song long enough then I could have a pretty much studio quality version of the song, though I needed to store two versions of each song (the one that visually makes sense for those reading the music, and one that is manipulated for sound that is not ready to be printed and distributed). Even though I have the newest version of Sibelius and thus do not ahve the same sound sets as before, I set to tweaking to see if I could get the same quality as before. This was proving impossible because the sound set I need to use this time around really sucks.

While viewing the sound sets through a mixing window I noticed that though I was using the crappy sounds, I still had an updated version of the older sound sets I used to use. I then tried to load up sounds from that sound set and it could not find them. This is both good news and bad news. It is bad news because I am stuck with crappy sounds for the moment and don't yet know how to get those delicious sounds back. It is good news because I know that there indeed is a better sound set for Sibelius 5, and that the quality and amount of sounds it has will be extremely helpful in the production of my music, posting it here, and getting cd's made. If I can manage to get these sound sets back for no money then the only thing I'll have to worry about pouring money into will be the copyright for the songs I will be publishing.

Anyway, that's just a little development that is affecting progress at the moment. I am still trying to work on music while taking care of this new found problem, so there will still be updates and the first CD will still hopefully be out before this year is up.


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2009-06-23 02:55:49

you should also post more,getb your name known,it actually gets fun,Or just post around if you want,I reccomend make friends with it.But dont get obssesed!
that does become ai Curse

Naroghin responds:

Again, thank you for the input! I'll be sure to browse through and get to know the other users, without becoming obsessed, of course.


2009-06-23 06:04:39

and commenting on alot of users do help at attracting other users

Naroghin responds:

Hmm, I hadn't thought of that (though it is rather obvious); thank you for the tip!