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Really, Audio portal moderators? Really?

2009-08-05 15:15:12 by Naroghin

It turns out that whenever a user posts their first audio file to the portal, that user has to wait for audio moderators to check the first song and ok the user, making it possible for them to post on the portal further. Apparently there are too few moderators, they are all too busy, or there are just too many users to approve, creating quite the lag in production. I would be willing to bet it's actually a combination of these three things, maybe even more.

Oh well. All I can do is wait.

(audio mods, don't think I mean any disrespect or anything, I'm just being silly ;] Loooooove you guuuuuys.)



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2009-08-05 15:40:25

Well that's sadly how it is. I think some dude had to wait a month for his song to be accepted.

Naroghin responds:

Oh man! That's sounds pretty bad; hope mine doesn't take that long! But yeah I'm not disappointed or anything; I realize they are busy, and it's also Summer, so there is more chance for doing things away from computers, vacations, overheating, you name it...

I just hope they hurry :]


2009-08-06 11:44:26

I only had to wait a day or so as I recall. It may not be too bad, give em some time ;).

It's either that you get morons on here uploading spam, stolen songs, etc!

Naroghin responds:

Indeed. The song I uploaded was for the orchestration contest that ends Monday, August 17th. If I'm lucky then the song might make it to the sight right around that time. I haven't been waiting too long, and this hasn't been halting production or anything, I'm just hoping there isn't a problem with the mods.