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Good news and Bad news.

2009-08-26 04:21:46 by Naroghin

The good news is that i finally got approved to upload music onto Newgrounds! Yay! The bad news is that while trying to upload my second piece, I found out that Newgrounds has an audio upload limit of 8mb, which my second piece exactly fits! So now Newgrounds won't accept that song until it's smaller, and of crappier quality. This means even more bad news because the song I was trying to upload was only 7 minutes long and for one instrument. Most of my works are shorter than this, but some of my best happen to be a bit long, featuring multiple instruments.

It looks like I'll have to take care of this in two different ways: For songs that are just barely over 8mb I'll have to shrink the file, taking just a minimal cut in sound quality (just for the newgrounds versions), and for songs that well exceed the limit I'll have to upload them in movements. Another solution, I suppose, would be to just leave newgrounds for a website that's serious about classical music, but I don't think I'd have any luck there. What a delicate quandary.


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2009-08-26 04:32:02

man thats gotta suck...just listened to your song over there...pretty nice.

Naroghin responds:

Thanks, and thanks. I'll find a way around it. Some fo the stuff won't sound as good but it will be fine.


2009-10-08 03:21:36

It sucks to do it, but use 128 kbps compression to keep your size down and be done with it. It sounds like ass to anyone that knows what they're listening for, but to the general masses, most people won't even notice the drop in quality.
It is a sad fact in todays ipod age when people can't tell the difference between a shitty mp3 versus something that hasn't been compressed. :(

As for newgrounds being a good place to upload music? Not so much, theres countless other websites probably better suited for music in general if exposure is what you want, but newgrounds does have a pretty nifty setup and rating system, which is probably why people use it.

Unless your goal is to make music for video games, in which case newgrounds might be the best place for it :)